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"It's such a welcoming place. From the greeters, to the sermon, to the communion open to all - Surely God is in this place."

"When Dick and Sue Walsh invited me to come to this church, a church full of friendly people. I have been here a very long time and a must for Sunday morning."



"The congregation is made up of people that care for each other." -Earl Krogman

"This was my grandmother's parents' church. I was born and baptized in this church. I stay because it's a family friendly church. It gives me what I need to grow and live with Christ. Our daughter and granddaughter attend and worship here at Grace. The members are some of our closest friends and accept us for what we are. Everyone here loves and cares for all. It's an awesome feeling and place to worship." - Pat Knaggs

"I can worship God anywhere-anytime-and I do. I come to Grace for the fellowship, the love and the community of worshiping with loved ones and friends."  -Judy Clark

"My wife, Pat was a member and I knew I needed to get my life straight, so here I am. Happy I made the decision I did."         - Paul Knaggs

"I attended here as a child. We moved away. Have returned for important things; weddings, funerals. It's always been home. Now I attend regularly." - Diane

" I come to Grace because it's felt like home since I came here as a child. There is something about the spirit in this church that I haven't found anywhere else and I have lived around the country., But I always come home. This is my home. I bring my children and grandchildren here." -Cyndie Cherry

" 1 - To meet God and the Holy                  Spirit.                                              2 - To meet with my church                    family.                                              3 - This is my scared space.              4 - Love the music. Go Leslie!"      -Nancy Sander

"We came to Grace 34 years ago and it felt like home. I have grown so much in my faith. The feeling of family when we are together. The music is a big part of my life. Grace has helped me grow as a person. I have confidence and strength that I never knew I had before coming here. And you get GREAT things too!"        - Cheryl

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