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Pastor’s Notes 


What’s your schedule like these days? Routine? Hectic? Easy-going?
Discombobulated? Exciting? Are you in control of the rhythm of your days…or does it control you? Does it seem like you just don’t have enough time for yourself, or others?

Sometimes it can feel like that in the hustle-bustle of today’s world. Certain things must be addressed each day. But it’s what happens (or we allow to happen) in the other areas of our lives that begins to complicate things and perhaps, if not dealt with, will leave us frustrated, and maybe even a little angry.

The thought that we just don’t have time is really a fallacy. Of course we have time; it’s all we have, and each of has the same amount of it every day. The challenge, but also an invitation, is what we will do with it.

Jesus offers a wonderful model of how to spend our days and live them to the fullest. His rhythm was balanced, centered around ‘being’ and ‘doing’. He found time for retreat in the midst of day-to-day demands, and it energized him in responding to those demands. He wanted his disciples to know that balance also, and he invites you and me into that renewing and refreshing way to live our days.

So, how attentive are you in ensuring that you make time to just ‘be’, doing things that ‘recharge your batteries’? Or, for a time, doing nothing, just being reflective, or watching one of God’s sunsets?

The gift of each day offers us the opportunity of truly enjoying it if we are intentional in letting that happen. New experiences may emerge, new discoveries that, in reality, were always there. It’s amazing what our lives would/could be like if we lived into Jesus’ model of a fulfilling life.

Join us at Grace Church this Sunday at 10:00 a.m., as we explore this theme a little further, and enjoy warm fellowship and worship together.

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